Iran International General Contractor Company

Engineering, Procurement and Construction of Early Works for the Cheshmeh-Khosh, Dalpari and East Paydar Oil Fields Project.

Project specifications:

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Client Name

ZN Vostok LTD

Contract c6511d21474e7b68c754dba20611b4827208a01fc6fb1e067b47b28926f4d52b

Contract Type


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Cheshmeh-Khosh, Dalpari and East Paydar Oil Fields
Duration 2698b426f3e1b810181c4505fdd8807321f7ae97946147b8f1381114703f76db


'15' month

Date 761b810bc640cfdde28aaa08540c9aa33b564f40751f4c9481fe08695bba6e3f

Start Date

Manhour 46596c69588a5a7325a16a57c5c3aae5feb00af3b8cf59b18402bfbecf128e87

Construction Man Hour

259,620 Man hour
Capacity 05ebd70d6d68d8d836aea261b495bc28a77de871dcf4ea30802fb100f6c03843

Design Capacity

1.Fiscal metering unit; 2.Off Spec Tank (V-25 000 m3); 3.Degasser Таnk С (Water treatment system); 4.Degasser Tank F; 5.Waste Management System (Phase 1, Waste collection area); 6.CMK existing wells (pipeline adaptors installation, 20 pcs); 7.Dalpari existing wells (pipeline adaptors installation, 5 pcs); 8.East Paydar existing wells (pipeline adaptors installation, 3 pcs).